Friday 12 May 2017

I guess I should be flattered!

Some cheeky bugger retouched Colin Baker's head onto my body!

I guess I should be flattered!

Sixth Doctor costumes in the making!

 Today I'm starting the process of retrospectively bringing my blogs up to date.

Over the past few years I have become increasingly busy and finding time to post has been limited, so I have defected to Instagram as my default site for sharing what I've been up to.

Here is some work I have been doing on various Sixth Doctor commissions.

Do get in touch if there's anything that catches your eye!

These were some trousers I made. Always nice to see my label inside!

I do love making the Frock Coat. I've made so many now I go on auto-pilot and it can be quite therapeutic and satisfying to see it coming together.

All done - ready to ship out to the client!

Also ordered were some spats!

My spats are patterned directly from a screen worn pair. Studying them closely it became apparent they were possibly done a little on the cheap as they don't entirely sit straight and some finer details of construction are a somewhat jarring to the eye of an experienced tailor.

I therefore took the view to tweak their cut a to improve how they sit and rectify the construction so they will last longer for day-to-day cosplay wear.