Saturday 23 November 2013

Doctor Who Celebration -
costume exhibition

This weekend’s Doctor Who Celebration has been a feast for the eyes for fans.

As well as catering for those who have come to Who through the relaunch series, there has been a good nod to the history of the show with a wide variety of guests and an extensive exhibition of costumes culled from Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience.

They had a near complete set of Doctor’s costumes on show (missing was the Eighth and War Doctors) arranged in a circle around Bessie.

The Sixth Doctor costume on show was straight out of the Experience, though the cravat, shirt and waistcoat looked like they were from an eBay fancy dress outfit!

The Sixth Doctor eras was sparsely represented at the exhibition. Amongst the display of Time Lord robes spanning three decades of appearances, was the Valeyard and Keeper of the matrix costumes from the Trial Of A Time Lord season.

If you want to see the costumes for the other Doctors at the exhibition, click the links below

Third Doctor          Fourth Doctor

Thursday 21 November 2013

Bonhams auction - 18th December 2013

With December looming, it is time for another Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia sale!

The past few auctions have been Doctor Who lite when it comes to items, so there is no surprise that the first post-Anniversary is brimming with costumes and nick backs, dating back to 1968.

Lot 153
DOCTOR WHO: TRIAL OF A TIME LORD - A STUDIO FLOOR PLAN FOR THE EPISODE, a flimsy, with annotations, and a copy, for 16th/17th, each 30 x 40 inches (76 x 101cm), together with a signed colour card of Colin Baker, and a small album of cast and crew photos/negatives, relating to the 20th Anniversary 'Spirit Of Light', Chicago, November 1983, 'Planet Of Fire' filming in Lanzarote and a photograph of Fiona Cumming, production manager, on set with an Ice Warrior, 'Seeds Of Death', 1969
Provenance: Fiona Cumming.

Estimate £100 - 150
Sold for £237

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Radio Times -
50th anniversary issue covers

The 50th Anniversary week is almost here, and as expected the cover of the latest Radio Times features The Doctor - not just once, but TWLEVE times!

The sources of the images used are quite interesting, the majority of which are from the Radio Times own extensive archive of Doctor Who images. All are out-takes, so are being published for the first time.

The First and Second Doctors come from the 10th Anniversary Special published by the Radio Times in 1973. The Third Doctor comes from a photoshoot in 1970 for the launch of Jon Pertwee in the role.

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors are pictured from the shoot for the 30th Anniversary special, which featured in the 1993 Children In Need.

This shows that they were all taken separately before being composited into the group on the cover.

The rest of the Doctors come from bespoke cover shoots done for the Radio Times in more recent years. For example the Ninth Doctor is from the gatefold cover which launched the new series in 2005; and the Tenth from The Next Doctor in 2008. The Eleventh and War Doctors are obviously newly taken.

Here’s the full size version of the Sixth Doctor’s cover.

Finally, have you noticed that all 12 covers join together to form a long single image?

Saturday 16 November 2013

Tranquil Repose cape - ON eBAY!

This doesn’t happen very often, but a screen-worn piece of he Sixth Doctor’s wardrobe is currently on eBay!

The blue ankle length cape worn in Revelation Of The Daleks is up for sale.

Two capes were made, one of which was stained with blood during the fight scene, and still bears the marks.

This is the other, which has survived clean and bright as the first day it was worn!

Revelation of the Daleks
Sixth Doctor’s blue cape
SOLD FOR £2,500

For sale: The original screen-used blue and gold cape worn by Colin Baker in the 1985 Doctor Who serial Revelation of the Daleks.
The cape features heavily in the first episode of the serial as The Doctor and Peri travel to Tranquil Repose, a funeral home on the planet Necros.

This cape was purchased from a private collector in October 2011 and is in fine condition. The cloth is still a vivid blue. The gold, curly patterned fasteners represent 6 questions marks (for the 6th Doctor) - something that only occurred to me after I bought it!

NB: One of the six gold bead fasteners is missing and I understand this has been the case since the 1980's. (This could easily be replaced if you were so inclined.)

The item is signed by Colin Baker to the original owner on the inside lining: ''To Gray. A friend of THE Doctor. Colin Baker. No.6."

Screen-used items from classic Doctor Who are highly sought after, and a piece of 'Doctor's costume' as iconic as this is extremely rare. The item is remembered by fans as the one time the Sixth Doctor's garishly coloured outfit was concealed from view!

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Original 6th Doctor items on eBay -
November 2013

It’s not often something worn in a Sixth Doctor serial comes up on eBay, so I thought it worth double mentioning this costume.

Original made for The Deadly Assassin, it also put in an appearance in The Trial Of A time Lord.

Trial Of A Time Lord
Pink Time Lord Robes

Rare Original classic BBC TV Doctor Who Time Lord costume prop Bonhams 2010

This costume was purchased initially from the famous Bonhams Doctor Who Auction sale in February 2010.

The Bonhams Catalogue listing for this item reads:

24 Feb 2010 14:00 GMT London, Knightsbridge
Doctor Who: The Auction - Costumes and Props from the BBC Archive

The Deadly Assassin, October 1976
A Time Lord Robe,
of pink coloured, heavy cotton mix fabric, with pleated sleeves and front


N.B: A friend has advised me that this costume was also used in the 1986 season story; ‘The Trial of a Timelord’ in the courtroom scenes set on Gallifrey and provided me with a snapshot from this.

Purchase History:
Originally sold at Bonhams in February 2010.
Costume comes fully authenticated with certificate of authenticity from original buyer.
There is a tag supplied with the costume, indicating the lot number from the original sale.
(I am very reluctantly parting with it to make room and funds for new arrival!)

Very good condition considering its age; there is no visible damage to the fabric, no rips, tears or holes. There is some production wear to the robe, this is in the form of some slight dirt marks and scuffing to the hem where the long train has trailed along the studio floor.

The costume has been carefully stored since purchase.

This is a one-off piece of Doctor Who ‘history’ in its 50th Anniversary year!

(Please note: the mannequin display stand in the photos is not included).

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Hello Cosplay - Sixth Doctor Frock Coat

I’ve seen a bit of online discussion about a new version of the Sixth Doctor Frock Coat which has been made by one of the Far Eastern cosplay costume makers.

So I thought I’d take a look and give my opinion, for what it’s worth.

6th Sixth Dr Colorful
Lattice Stripe Coat Costume

Over the past few years there have been a number of options for Sixth Doctor Cosplayer, but they have been distinctly at the polar ends of peoples budgets.

Cloth Ears made a premium coat for a while, and Honest Dragon catered for the those with a tighter wallet.
My own offering is distinctly only for the discerning cosplayer.

Even some amateur tailors have had a go, with varying levels of success.

Now Hello Cosplay have entered the market with another addition to the cheaper options, but one which in my mind stand well above the other options in the same price bracket.

Now I look at replicas of this coat with a very distinct eye, since I have become uncommonly intimate with every panel that makes up the patchwork.

With a price tag of US$129.99 I’m not setting my expectation too high, but in many regards I have been pleasantly surprised.