Sunday 23 June 2013

Sixth Doctor cat brooch index

I’ve had a little success recently with getting some of the brooches the Sixth Doctor wore, so I thought I’d do a revamped Brooch index, setting the brooches on my Ultimate Six Frock coat.

Brooch One
The first brooch was a china tortoise shell cat, which was introduced in The Twin Dilemma  (see below) and was worn through to Vengeance On Varos.
I was lucky enough to get myself an exact copy in 1985, when the artist who created it did a very limited run of replicas (see left).

Serials appeared in: The Twin Dilemma, Attack Of The Cybermen, Vengence On Varos

Episode count: eight

You can get a replica of this brooch made by the ORIGINAL maker! Ordering details an be found here: Ultimate Six Frock Coat - purrrrrrfection!

Brooch Two
Midway through season 22 a new brooch appeared on The Doctor’s lapel.

This was a flat plastic silhouette of a black cat with an arched back.
The eyes have fake gemstones.

Serials appeared in: The Mark Of The Rani, Timelash

Episode count: four

Brooch Three
In between The Mark Of The Rani and Timelash, The Doctor wears a sweet little one-off brooch for The Two Doctors.
It is a flat cut-out of a white cat with a contented looking face.

Serials appeared in: The Two Doctors

Episode count: three

Brooch Four
To round off season 22, The Doctor wears the most unexpected brooch of all - an enamel pin-badge of the cartoon cat Marie from the Disney animated feature The Aristocats.

These are very rare, but it is still possible to track them down through persistent searching on eBay.
Various versions are around with extra decoration around the character, but what you are looking for is Marie on her own.

Serials appeared in: Revelation Of The Daleks

Episode count: two

Following the 18-month hiatus, he returned with some new brooches, a couple of which have an interesting background story.
They were designed and created by Maggie Howard, and they were known as Maggie’s Moggies.
The brooches were based directly on two of Colin Baker’s own cats: Eric and Weeble!

Brooch Five
The first to appear is Weeble (see right) which is worn for the trial scenes throughout The Trial of a Time Lord season, paired with the red cravat.
It is then worn throughout Mindwarp, the end of which leads into the opening of the trial, keeping continuity with those scenes.

Just like the china cat I bought back in 1985, Maggie Howard then did a very limited number for sale in 1987.

It would be incorrect to call them production made, as they are hand crafted replicas of the originals made by the original artist, so they’re as close as you’re going to get.

Serials appeared in: The Trial Of A Time Lord (trial scenes only), Mindwarp (all scenes), The Ultimate Foe (all scenes)

Episode count: twelve

Brooch Six
The second Maggie Moggie was the black cat, Eric (see left).

This was worn paired with the turquoise cravat during the flashback scenes of The Mysterious Planet to help distinguish the two time-lines.

Serials appeared in: The Mysterious Planet

Episode count: Four

Brooch Seven
The flashback scenes that form Terror Of The Vervoids saw one final brooch adorn The Doctor’s frock coat.
This a comic-styled ginger cat with a tiger-striped back and tail. The brooch is exclusively paired with the YSL yellow-starred cravat.

Serials appeared in: Terror Of The Vervoids

Episode count: four


  1. And then - though possibly not a 'Colin Baker era' brooch in the strictest sense - there was the grey siamese cat badge worn by the Doctor at the time of his sudden regeneration in episode 1 of 'Time and The Rani'.


    1. I might look to add a coda, and include it there.

  2. Do you know how to contact Maggie Howard,I'd like her to do portrait of our old cat asap as he's got anaemia & don't know how much longer he has?

    1. I'm afraid maggie Howard died a number of years back.

      However Susan Trevor, with whom I have en exclusive deal to make the original Colin Baker china brooches, is willing to paint cats to look like supplied photos.

      It would be on the same base moulding, just painted accordingly.

      Contact me direct at if you want to follow this up.

  3. Hi sorry to be a bit off topic but in taking images of the broaches its allowed me to look close up at the shirt. Is the shirt same as the one peter davison wore? Have you done a post on it...I can't seem to find one shown in detail as I want to make a version for myself.


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