Wednesday 19 June 2013

Thank you!

One of my clients collected their Ultimate Six Frock Coat today – and he gave me a cartoon as a thank you.

I wasn’t expecting it, so it came as a great surprise and something I’m put on my wall.

What do you think of it?

And if you’re curious, here is the finished coat – proudly worn!


  1. how long do you intend to run these coats for because i can't afford one now and as i am still growing it would be counterproductive to buy one, but if you are going to make these for the foreseeable future than i wont panic in buying one now because they wont last long, but if you are making them for the foreseeable future it will put my mind at rest as i just love this frock coat, well the whole costume.
    thanks, who11dr

    1. Not forever.
      I only have limited supplies of some fabrics.


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