Sunday 2 June 2013

Revelation Of The Disney

I had a little package arrive in the post yesterday. Small but very exciting.
It was my eBay find, which I had been searching over two years for.

A Disney enamel pin badge of Marie from The Aristocats!

Okay, so this might not seem very earth shattering, but this is the exact same design of badge worn by the Sixth Doctor in Revelation Of The Daleks.

As you know he always wore a cat brooch, and after serving him for several adventures, he retired his china tortoise shell cat and started wearing a different brooch in each serial.

I’m no expert on these Disney badges, but I’ve been looking a quite a few over the past couple of years.
What I have observed is that there is a almost standard set of illustrations of Marie (the character concerned), and the version seen in Doctor Who appears to be the most common.

That said, finding her on her own and not surrounded by some form of embellishment has been difficult.

I’ve seen versions with her name or phrase in a plaque; her siting on a throne; or even in a small group with her litter-mates.
The only times I have found the right design of her on her own, it has been either a vinyl sticker or a pair of earrings with loops at the top.

You’d expect that the pin badge would be fairly common and have been remade down the years, but this hasn’t been the case, or there’d be a lot more of them knocking around.

From what I can find out, Disney has a policy of releasing item for limited times only, then withdrawing them from sale to create a rarity. They did it with VHS tapes and DVDs and they also seem to do it with collectors enamel brooches.

The brooch I’ve found comes from Disney Resort, Paris and the packaging has a URL at the bottom, so must be a relatively recent release.

It could well be it has been reissued, but I haven’t found it online at the given URL or on any other retail sites.

Eitherway I’m pretty chuffed to finally track one down and add her to my collection of screen-accurate cat brooches.


  1. It's certainly the same 'image' that has been used for this badge, but the one worn by the Doctor is a little larger - is minus the jewell in the bow - and I always (perhaps incorrectly) perceived it to be on wood... a little like the hand-painted badges worn in season 23.

    A good find nonetheless but I don't know I'd go as far as to say 'screen-accurate'. Screen-similar maybe.


  2. :) It's a good find.

    To add to my earlier comment, it looked to be either on wood or else 'pressed' in plastic.

  3. Nah, I've worked for Disney and were a Disney pin collector myself, the only pins that were in plastic (very rarely) had build in effects like blinking lights. Everything else were made in metal and enamel, no wooden pins.

    I've decided to wear a cat brooch at our 50th anniversary show. It's a great looking brooch but unfortunately nothing like the ones the Doctor wore.

    Now I wish I had looked for that Marie pin but I had a Tinkerbell obsession while collecting.

  4. I have made mine from the metal keyring.


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