Saturday 29 December 2012

Original 6th Doctor items on eBay -
December 2012

I’ve been keeping an eye out on eBay, and I’ve come across some more original Sixth Doctor items for you.

Here’s what I found.

Sixth doctor costume
red watch chain (NOT screen worn)

Original Doctor Who prop - Sixth doctor costume watch chain - from JNT!!! - one of a kind
With Certificate of Authenticity

This is an unbelievable piece for all Dr Who fans.

Any props from the original series of Dr Who are rare, but a piece of the doctor's costume is astounding!

This is an original dr who production watch chain for Colin Bakers season 23 Trial of a Timelord.

This watch chain came from the personal collection of John Nathan turner and was kept in a box of small hand props he had which included items such as the Tardis Key and Doctor's Calling Card that were acquired at auction.

The Chain was not used in the Trial of a Timelord as a different style was decided on in the end with a slightly thicker link, however it was used by Colin at various public appearances as the 'Doctor' during this time and can be seen in publicity shots from the era.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is brought to you with no reserve.

The piece is presented in a 3D display box frame and comes with a certifcate of authenticity from the doctor who prop experts from whom I bought it - he acquired in a from JNT.

I only had the two waistcoat sides of the chain, so when this is gone - that is it!
I also found some further eBay listings relating to other Doctors

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
coming together at last!

If you have been following my blog recently you will have seen how I have been making the sections of my Ultimate Six Frock Coat, and will realise it is close to assembling at last.

Before showing how it looks sewn together, I thought as a Christmas Day treat I’d show you the three sections together to give you an idea of how it’s shaping up.

As a comparison, here is the photo I took recently of the original coat laid out in a similar way.
Looking good!

Sunday 23 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
back section

So far I have assembled the Left Pocket Section (see left) and the Right Pocket Section (see right).

Today I am starting work on the back section, which once done means I can assemble the body of the coat and try it on for size for the first time! I can’t wait.

Back Section

The back looks relatively simple, but it contains the single most expensive fabric I need for the coat, as well as the most fiddly bit to make.

The Woven Back (fabric 9) panel is a one-off piece, which I have had to commission my hand weaver to make.

It contains a number of yarns of different colours and qualities, so rather than search for each in the right combination, he individually dyed each to the right colour.

It took quite a while for it to be woven, as it is a very complex and intricate weave, and now it’s here I’ve been putting off cutting for as long as possible - I don’t want to go ruining the fabric by cutting it wrong!

The back itself is not particularly difficult to assemble, as I just need to sew the two halves together. But the only thing I need to watch out for is how the woven back fabric can skew and twist compared to the more stable Green Felt (fabric 3) side. Still, there are tricks to controlling fabric.

Next is sorting out the dreaded Appliqué Strip, appropriately referred to as Fabric 13!

The theory behind making it is easy enough, but it needs to be made to very accurate measurements and there is very little wriggle room for getting it wrong.

I’ve been thinking and plotting how to make this as easy for myself as possible, and I came up with a few ideas which seem to have worked well.

I had a few blind alleys along the way, but now it’s come down to it I’ve truly got it cracked.

The arrival recently of the Red Tartan (Fabric 1) means I can finish the back off in one go, as the tails are of Green Felt, with the Appliqué Strip sew on and the Tartan.

Here is the finished back. Do let me know what you think.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
left pocket section

Earlier this month I showed you how I have fully made the Right Pocket Section of my Ultimate Six Frock Coat.
Although at the time I didn’t have all the fabrics needed to do the same for the other side, I thought it best to make a start with what I have.

Left Pocket Section

This section uses the Purple Felt (fabric 2); the Green Felt (fabric 3); the Red Felt (fabric 5); as well as the Checked Collar (fabric 6), Lining (fabric 14) and Green Briad (fabric 12) to make the flap. Ideally I need the Red Tartan (fabric 1) too, but this is still being woven.

While I was cutting the flaps for the right hand side, I took he opportunity of having the fabric out to cut the left hand ones as well.

Again, I carefully cut them so they match the fall of the original coat, and was able to position them with minimal amount of wastage.
Since this was a hand woven fabric it was a relief to be so efficient for a change!

Assembling the pocket was just a mirror image of the other side, though since I am waiting for the Red Tartan to arrive, I can’t do the column behind the pocket.

However, I worked out a way to finish the pocket panel and it still be stable before the rest of the fabric arrives.

Here is how it looks now the section is finished.

Oh, by the way, did I mention the Ret Tartan arrived this week?

This now means I have ALL the fabrics needed to complete my coat - all I have to do is tailor my socks off to get it all done.

Check back soon to see what comes next.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
spot the difference

You’ll have seen the first completed section of my Ultimate Six Frock Coat that I posted last week.
It surrounds the right hand pocket and under arm section (see right).

This last weekend I had another chance to see the original Six Frock Coat owned by my costume collecting friends.

I was seeing it to do some last minute checking of fabrics construction.

As a bit of fun I took along my assembled section and placed it in position on top of the real coat, matching it up as close as possible.

Here’s the original coat.

And here it is with my work in place.

Or is it the other way around?

Sunday 2 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat - back to the future

Before I start, you’ll have to trust me that this posting leads somewhere, as it’s a bit out of the box, even for my standards!
I can remember one of the things that caught my attention back in 1984 when the Sixth Doctor’s costume was first seen, was the incredible detail and mix of colours – on the back of the coat.

Now, to see the back of the costume of the lead actor was something a little more unusual than you might think. Run with me here.

I once heard a tale about Jon Pertwee and about how he was a genuine ‘stage’ actor, who could use some tricks of his trade to maneuver into a better position to make himself look better than his co-stars.

The trick would be to stand every so slightly towards the back of the stage from someone he was playing a scene with. This meant to maintain eye contact with Jon they needed to stand with their back to the audience, conceding the better position.
This is where the phrase Upstaging comes from.

When I was putting together the screen-caps for my Costume Index on the Third Doctor I wanted to check if the Inverness Capes were in single or separate pieces, something that could be confirmed by seeing a back view.
I was surprised to find that Jon rarely (if ever) knowingly turned his back to the camera. When he was in two-shot dialogue scenes he is pretty much always turned just slightly towards camera, forcing his co-star into the lesser position or to stand alongside in a play-for-radio way. The few back views I showed were all those I could find!

Colin Baker’s acting style is completely different. He does not use this ploy and can often be seen shamelessly back to camera.

Below is a montage from his first story, The Twin Dilemma, giving an idea of how many times you actually do get to see the back of his coat (each screen-cap is from a different scene).

This all means that there are some good chances to see the fantastic work on the back of the coat, and the fabrics used. It was this that such fascinated me.
I’m looking forward to having another go at getting this right.

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
right pocket section

Following my little stock take of where I have got with gathering my fabrics, I’ve realised there are sections of the coat I can crack on with even though I am still waiting for the last couple of weaves to be completed.

Right Pocket Section

So - the day has arrived when I can actually start making my Ultimate Six Frock Coat. It’s been a while coming, but it feel good to be there at last.

To date I have made four Frock Coats to the Sixth Doctor pattern, all of them in single solid colours, so I am pretty comfortable with the pattern and how it works.

The first thing I need to do is cut all the pieces required for this section, which uses the Red Felt (fabric 5), Peach Wool (fabric 4), Green Felt (fabric 3) and Pink Felt (fabric 11), as well as the Checked Collar (fabric 6), Lining (fabric 14) and Green Braid (fabric 12) to make the pocket flap.

I’ve had to carefully mark up my pattern so I cut all the right pieces in the correct colours. It would be a disaster to waste fabric by cutting the wrong pieces in the wrong colours!

First thing I needed to make was the pocket flap. I had to wait until now because it is made of the collar fabric which I had to get hand woven, lined with the extraordinary lining fabric which also was a custom weave.

Because I have matched the weave so carefully, I have been able to cut the flaps so the checked pattern falls in exactly the same place as the original.
This photo shows the cut pieces just laid together - nothing is sewn yet - but you can see how I have matched the pattern on the pocket flap as close as possible.

Once the flap was made, and I had piped the edge using my Green Braid, I can then go about making the pocket. The flap get sewn to the panel above the pocket and the pocket bag gets sewn below.

There’s a bit of a secret about the outer pockets that for now I’m keeping under wraps, but suffice to say it's fun making the pockets as accurately as I can.

Once the pocket panel is completed I can then build up the rest of the section around it, attaching the narrow green panel to the front edge; the green under arm panel; as well as the adjacent column of peach and red.
That then amazingly finishes off this section for now.

Laying it out on my bench and seeing it done gives me a real buzz. I’m excited to see the first productive section coming together so well and looking just the way I wanted it.

I'll move on now to the left hand pocket section and do what I can there.
Check back soon to see the results.