Tuesday 11 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
spot the difference

You’ll have seen the first completed section of my Ultimate Six Frock Coat that I posted last week.
It surrounds the right hand pocket and under arm section (see right).

This last weekend I had another chance to see the original Six Frock Coat owned by my costume collecting friends.

I was seeing it to do some last minute checking of fabrics construction.

As a bit of fun I took along my assembled section and placed it in position on top of the real coat, matching it up as close as possible.

Here’s the original coat.

And here it is with my work in place.

Or is it the other way around?


  1. Impressive!

    You almost had me confused for a moment with the picture order.

    Brilliant work as always.

  2. Wow. That is indeed most impressive. Wonderful job!

  3. That nearly fooled me for a moment there! Well done - this is indeed an impressive job!

    Keep up the good work - who knows what you'll come up with next?


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