Saturday 22 December 2012

Ultimate Six Frock Coat -
left pocket section

Earlier this month I showed you how I have fully made the Right Pocket Section of my Ultimate Six Frock Coat.
Although at the time I didn’t have all the fabrics needed to do the same for the other side, I thought it best to make a start with what I have.

Left Pocket Section

This section uses the Purple Felt (fabric 2); the Green Felt (fabric 3); the Red Felt (fabric 5); as well as the Checked Collar (fabric 6), Lining (fabric 14) and Green Briad (fabric 12) to make the flap. Ideally I need the Red Tartan (fabric 1) too, but this is still being woven.

While I was cutting the flaps for the right hand side, I took he opportunity of having the fabric out to cut the left hand ones as well.

Again, I carefully cut them so they match the fall of the original coat, and was able to position them with minimal amount of wastage.
Since this was a hand woven fabric it was a relief to be so efficient for a change!

Assembling the pocket was just a mirror image of the other side, though since I am waiting for the Red Tartan to arrive, I can’t do the column behind the pocket.

However, I worked out a way to finish the pocket panel and it still be stable before the rest of the fabric arrives.

Here is how it looks now the section is finished.

Oh, by the way, did I mention the Ret Tartan arrived this week?

This now means I have ALL the fabrics needed to complete my coat - all I have to do is tailor my socks off to get it all done.

Check back soon to see what comes next.

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