Saturday 23 November 2013

Doctor Who Celebration -
costume exhibition

This weekend’s Doctor Who Celebration has been a feast for the eyes for fans.

As well as catering for those who have come to Who through the relaunch series, there has been a good nod to the history of the show with a wide variety of guests and an extensive exhibition of costumes culled from Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience.

They had a near complete set of Doctor’s costumes on show (missing was the Eighth and War Doctors) arranged in a circle around Bessie.

The Sixth Doctor costume on show was straight out of the Experience, though the cravat, shirt and waistcoat looked like they were from an eBay fancy dress outfit!

The Sixth Doctor eras was sparsely represented at the exhibition. Amongst the display of Time Lord robes spanning three decades of appearances, was the Valeyard and Keeper of the matrix costumes from the Trial Of A Time Lord season.

If you want to see the costumes for the other Doctors at the exhibition, click the links below

Third Doctor          Fourth Doctor

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