Sunday 26 June 2011

Ultimate Six Frock Coat: the easy fabrics -
colour matching round five

Following my recent access to the original Six Frock Coat, I think I’m finding myself in a really good position with the six “easy fabrics” I am striving to match.

So far I’ve been able to sign off the Purple Felt (Fabric 2); the Peach Wool (Fabric 4); the Red Felt (Fabric 5); and the Pink Felt (Fabric 11).

This just leaves the Green Felt (Fabric 3) and Yellow Lapel (Fabric 7).
Fabrics 3 and 7

Last time when we compared the Yellow, we found it to be too light, and needed to be warmer.
I got my trusty Pantone book out and have suggested Pantone 116 as a guide.

The Green was also too light, despite going through three rounds of lab dyes to get to that stage.
In an attempt to pull the colour closer, I again referred to my Pantone book and found 356 was a good guide to colour.

Well today the latest - fifth round - of swatches arrived.

The dyers did two levels of yellow with a warmer base: one to my suggested Pantone 116; and the other with the same amount of warmth added on top.
It would appear the first of these was the better option, and I can now sign this off.

The green is better too, but word has come back that it needs another tweak! I’m getting to a point now where I wish this was over - but if the job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Just need to work out how to break the news to the dyers . . . .

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