Monday 18 April 2011

Ultimate Six Frock Coat: the easy fabrics -
colour matching round two

I’m starting to see some serious progress on matching the fabric I need for the coat.
Fabrics 3, 4 and 11

Following on from the initial batch of dyed samples from my supplier (see left), I have been able to feedback some comments.

So far I have been able to sign off on the Purple Felt (Fabric 2) and the Red Felt (Fabric 5) as he has been able to match these spot on.

From memory the Yellow Lapel (Fabric 7) looks pretty good, so I will wait to compare it to the original coat before deciding there.

For now I’m looking to revise the Green Felt (Fabric 3), the Peach Felt (Fabric 4) and the Pink Felt (Fabric 11).

Today I’ve received the next batch of lab dyed wools (see below) and although the Pink Felt (Fabric 11) looks better, I think the Peach Felt (Fabric 4) has gone too red and the Green Felt (Fabric 3) is too thin.

I’ve fed back my comments and will wait for the next round of test. Watch out for the latest news as soon as I have it!

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  1. I always enjoy a swatch post!

    As it happens I also enjoy color matching posts too.

    Very interesting. Can't wait to see what comes back next time.


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