Sunday 3 April 2011

Six Fock Coat – purple test:
the whole ensemble!

After a bit of a hiccup with making the cuffs, I have now finished my fully worked test for the Six Frock Coat!

I had an ideal opportunity this weekend to get some good pictures taken, which came out pretty good.

Cos I could see how it was coming out, I just had to go the extra mile by making myself a pair of complimenting trousers to go with the coat. I only finished them with a day to spare, but I think it was worth the effort.

I really like the cut and fit of the Five Trousers I make, so used the same pattern, but with some purple-dyed pillow ticking instead.

I also ran myself up a silk cravat from some appropriately coloured lining I had knocking around.

To round off the costume I’m wearing a shirt and waistcoat I wore to a friend’s wedding last year, and my maroon All Stars a la Tenth Doctor.

Overall I am very happy with how things turned out, though I will be looking at the sleeve pattern again as I think they are too wide.

Because I was using velvet, the cuff have come out too bulky on this version, coupled with the excess width they look way too big.
The pillow ticking I will use for the final coat will be much thinner, so this will help.

Do let me know what you think!


  1. Like something Cushing or Pertwee would wear, definitely more stylish than the actual coat. I look forward to further progress on the 6 coat.

  2. That's really, really lovely. I quite want one.

  3. God, I want one now.

    On a related note, with material costs alone, this must have cost a pretty penny, didn't it?

    (Meaning that attempting to commission something similar is looking more and more a distant prospect.)

    Wait, I've just thought of an actual question! Given your experiences working with velvet, how insanely difficult do you think it would be to make, say, an entire frock coat out of it?

  4. Looks great! You're right about the sleeves and cuffs, but other than that... looks fab!


  5. Yeah - end of the day it is 'just' a test coat - a glorified calico. The purpose of it is to test out the construction and pattern, learn from it, and revise where needed.
    the sleeves are definitely something that need attention!

  6. Wow, it comes off looking so very different thanks to the fact it's all in the same colour range and not utterly tasteless.

    It makes you wonder what the costume had been like, if the brief hadn't called for such a colour car wreck.

    Fantastic work as always, Steve.


    Here's what this reminded me of, but it looks even nicer in purple. A sort of combo of the Sixth style with the Eighth aesthetic. I'd wear it if I was the Doctor.

  8. Very pretty, and VERY purple heh!


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