Thursday 17 January 2013

Ultimate Six Frock Coat - all in the detail

I’ve been busy - VERY busy - and it’s time to tease a little with the results of what I’ve been up to.

I finished the Ultimate Six Frock Coat about a week or so back, but I’ve been keeping it under wraps for a while. You’ll find out why very soon.

Here is the collar. As you can see, I’ve gone for The Twin Dilemma look - if you understand the subtlety!

The collar went in a treat. But since I have done a few of these coats already and I’m a professional tailor, that’s as you’d expect!

I love finally seeing the woven back panel in its proper place at last. After all the effort and work that has gone into that one piece of fabric, it is a real pity it is on the back.

This is the first time I have done cuffs to the screen-accurate design, as my previous versions have all been in velvet for artistic license.

I’ve made everything to the original design, right down to how the coat is assembled and internally tailored. Along the way I’ve discovered how these techniques are used to make the coat drape and hang perfectly, something that just doesn’t happen if you cut corners.

I have a convention I’m planning to attend this weekend, and its the PERFECT opportunity to wear the Ultimate Six Frock Coat for the first time, so stay tuned...


  1. The definitive replica.


  2. You're sure you didn't take pictures of the original?

  3. Looks amazing!!!!! Can't wait to see photos of it/you from the con :)

  4. Can't wait to see the full picture. The teasers look awesome!!!

  5. These pics are really helpful :) Although I can't afford to get my costume made by you, I've done my best to find fabrics that are pretty close or at least have similar colours. I love that you've zoomed in on the question marks on the collar, I can print it out and chalk it out before I design it! I get to meet Mr Baker at this con I'm going to, so I hope he likes my costume. Thanks heaps again for all those close up pics of the nitty gritty detail!

  6. When you say the "Twin Dilemma look" what do you mean exactly? did that coat differ from the other Season 22/23 coats that were made? Are there any other differences between the coats? Thanks :)


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