Sunday 17 February 2013

Gallifrey One - Ultimate Six Coat
group photo-shoot

So far I have made three Ultimate Six Frock coat - and luckily all of them are here at Gallifrey One!

Photos by Scott Sebring
This is an opportunity not to be missed, so we are getting them all together for a unique photo-shoot.

Photos by Scott Sebring
We got together with on-site photographer Scott Sebring, who always provides a fantastic service for cosplayers to get amazing professional quality shots of their costumes - for free!
He really is a trooper.

Once we were all in the same room we realised we each were wearing a different variation of Colin Baker’s costume.

Photos by Scott Sebring
I was wearing the season 22 combination, with the turquoise cravat and knitted waistcoat; my friend Sal was in a combination only seen in The Terror Of The Vervoids with the yellow-star cravat and purple waistcoat; and Bob was wearing the red cravat and gingham waistcoat, worn during the rest of the Trial Of A Time Lord season.

We tried a variety of poses, holding our lapels or interlocking our fingers.

But of all the shots we took the pose I liked the most was us standing slightly side-on, with one hand on our lapels.

Photo by Scott Sebring

Photo by Scott Sebring
A huge thank you goes to Scott Sebring for making his professional photo services available to cosplayers at Gallifrey One

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