Saturday 23 February 2013

Gallifrey One - the tv Movie console

Amongst the many photos I got over the weekend at Gallifrey One, this has to rate amongst my top ten - if not my top five!

This is the original screen-used Paul McGann TV Movie TARDIS console, with assistant Daphne Ashbrook. She loved my coat!


  1. HI, I'm 16 years old and hugely new to the concept of cosplaying..
    But I see your photos and my eyes are the size of dinner plates.
    If I wanted to get my hands on a screen accurate 6th Doctor costume how much roughly would it cost?
    (being a teenager, buying any size would be counterproductive until I've stopped growing, so I'm willing to work and save for ages)

    1. Contact me direct by email at and I can discuss it with you.


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