Tuesday 27 August 2013

Double the Six

I’ve been busy working on an unusual commission for TWO Six Frock Coats.

Usually I just need to do one, but this buyer has requested two, so I have had to pay particular attention and make sure they are extra identical!

It’s been a few weeks work, but now I’ve finished them I thought it would be nice to share some pictures with you.

Somehow I’ve always managed to not get decent photos of the backs of my coats - which is annoying since the back almost contains more work that the front!

It has the single most expensive piece of fabric - the hand woven back panel. I don’t begrudge the price since I know the work that has gone into hand dyeing each of the yarns and the complex weave it has.

It also has the most time-intensive part to make - the appliqué strip which edges the back split. Each of the 14 coloured panels has to be painstakingly and accurately hand-sewn in place. Must admit this is the one part of the coat I do NOT enjoy making!
Plus it has hand-made buttons - which are not easy to make as they need to have a polished finish and look like freshly made plastic buttons.

Anyway, I hope you like them - and I hope my client does too!


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