Wednesday 17 July 2013

Replica Sixth Doctor watch chains

Since posting my Sixth Doctor Watch Chain Index only yesterday I have had a number of emails asking where I got mine from.

Well, the plastic chains are really hard to track down in the correct chunky form as screen used.
A little while back I had found some budget chains made for birdcages, but these were very lightweight and lacked the presence of the real deal.

But now I have discovered a truly screen accurate design, a quirk of which I shan’t go into.

I had to buy a minimum amount, so after cutting my own chains I do have a fair bit left over.
Get in touch if you want to buy a set for yourself.

Green plastic chain
As worn in The Mysterious Planet - flashback scenes

Pink plastic chain
As worn in Trial Of A Time Lord - trial scenes throughout season
Mindwarp - flashback scenes
The Ultimate Foe

Green and pink plastic chain
As worn in Terror Of The Vervoids - flashback scenes

If you want to get a set of these chain they are priced at GB£25 each,
GB£45 for two or
GB£60 for all three variants
Free global shipping on all chains
Email me at 
to place your order


  1. How do the chains keep from falling out of the pockets? Is there something attached to the ends of them to weigh them down?

    1. I imagine that's also how the green/pink join of the half-and-half chain was kept securely hidden behind the waistcoat edge.

    2. The chains are so chunky, that when you feed them through the special buttonhole for them, they tend to stay put and rarely slip one way or the other. They only move if pulled or yanked!


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