Tuesday 16 July 2013

Sixth Doctor watch chain index

I’ve just done my updated Sixth Doctor Cat Brooch Index, and it occurred to me that there is another Colin Baker accessory often over looked - the watch chains.

Over the course of his time in the role he had four variations, which now I look through them were co-ordiated with the waistcoats and cravats worn.

Here is a breakdown of the combination of costume and chains.

Adonised metal - green
Worn with knitted 50/50 waistcoat and turquoise cravat

Seen in
The Twin Dilemma
Attack Of The Cybermen
Vengence On Varos
Mark Of The Rani pt2
The Two Doctors
Revelation Of The Daleks

Plastic -
all pink
Worn with gingham silk waistcoat and red cravat

Seen in
Trial Of A Time Lords - trial scenes throughout season
Mindwarp - flashback scenes
The Ultimate Foe

Plastic -
all green
Worn with gingham silk waistcoat and turquoise cravat

Seen in
The Mysterious Planet - flashback scenes

Plastic -
half green
half pink
Worn with purple striped waistcoat and yellow cravat

Seen in
Terror Of The Vervoids - flashback scenes

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  1. I must applaud you on your efforts, Steve.
    I was just thinking about the chains while readying your post about the badges, yesterday. And here you are with a post about the chains!

    As I've told you before, I think your work is brilliant (and a dream come true for me, who has been dreaming of wearing Colin's costume since I was a kid)!

    Are you going to do any further work regarding the other waistcoats worn by Sixy?


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