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Bonhams costume sale - 24th February 2010

In a few of weeks time there is another costume sale at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, this time selling off a vast number of items which have featured in the various exhibitions that have been held around the country.

Since I covered the previous auctions at Bonhams on the 16th June 2009 and 16th December 2009, I felt I should do the same for this, but because there are SO many items on offer, I have split them up by Doctor.

Here are just the lots relating to the Sixth Doctor era
It’s interesting to see a full Veroid costume, after the head and hands being sold at the 16th June auction.
Lot 92
Terror of the Vervoids, November 1986

A Vervoid, head and hands in moulded and painted foam latex, body applied overall with painted vinyl leaves and netting, on mannequin, height 70 inches (178cm)
Estimate: £1,500 - 2,500
Sold for £1,920
Lot 93
Terror of the Vervoids, November 1986

A Vervoid head and hand, moulded and painted foam latex, with two further buds, height 21 inches (53cm)
Estimate: £400 - 600
Sold for £960
Lot 94
Terror Of The Vervoids, November 1986

A Mogarian costume, the three-section headpiece of moulded plastic with applied clear plastic tubing, the gold coloured jumpsuit with black rubber gloves applied to sleeves, on mannequin
Estimate: £450 - 650
Sold for £408
Lot 95
Mindwarp, October 1986

An Alien Delegate costume, moulded and painted foam latex head, hands and leg pieces/ feet, with cowl in gold lame, with quilted purple lame edging, and matching embroidered front piece, with gold silk effect robe, on mannequin, height 64 inches (163cm)
Estimate: £550 - 750 
Sold for £1,020
Due to its brief appearance on screen, this costume is actually a modified Terileptil costume from The Visitation, February 1982.

Lot 96
Mindwarp, October 1986

A Mentor costume, comprising; full length body with separate headpiece, of moulded and painted foam latex, headpiece inscribed in red ballpoint 'Mentor, R. Henry', body suit length 43 inches (110cm)
Estimate: £350 - 450
Sold for £288
Lot 97
Mindwarp, October 1986

Kiv, a complete creature, of moulded and painted foam latex, with purple cushion, length 51 inches (130cm)
Estimate: £500 - 600 
Sold for £1,320
This prop features as the remains of the creature after its brain has been transplanted into another body.

Lot 98
The Trial Of A Time Lord - The Mysterious Planet, September 1986

The L1 Tracker service robot, with rectangular metal body, housing control mechanisms, and operators seat, caterpillar tracks, the top section with door to rear, of wood, metal and plastic composition, length 57 inches (145cm), width 41 inches (104cm), height approximately 77 inches (196cm)
Estimate: £400 - 600 
Sold for £1,320
The L1 robot was a multi-purpose device used by Drathro to track the Doctor and Peri on Ravolox.

Lot 100
The Trial Of A Time Lord - The Mysterious Planet, September 1986

Peri (Nicola Bryant) - A complete costume, comprising; a yellow cotton blazer with black pinstripe and further white stripe detail, a raw silk mustard-coloured blouse, V-neck with full-length sleeves, and a pair of grey linen trousers with elastic footloops, jacket labelled Costume Made By Jacqui Stubbs, on mannequin, height 58½ inches (149cm)
Estimate: £1,000 - 1,500
Sold for £2,880
Lot 101
Timelash, March 1985

A Karfelon laser cannon, moulded and painted plastic, on wooden stand with additional wiring and lighting, height 40½ inches (103cm)
Estimate: £400 - 500
Sold for £360
Lot 102
Timelash, March 1985

Karfel laser rifle, metal tubing and moulded plastic, with pistol grip, length 28 inches (71cm)
Estimate: £100 - 150
Sold for £312

Lot 103
Timelash, March 1985

Morlox Head, of moulded and painted foam latex and plastic eyes, with internal animatronic controls, length 28 inches (71cm)
Estimate: £400 - 600
Sold for £648

Lot 104
Timelash, March 1985

Kontron Crystal Deflector Gun, of moulded plastic and metal components with control panel on flexible cord, length 24½ inches (63cm)
Estimate: £300 - 400 
Sold for £336
This device is manufactured by the Doctor and uses the time-bending properties of Kontron crystals to absorb and deflect energy after a short time delay. The Kontron crystal is missing from the lot.

Lot 105
Attack of the Cybermen, January 1985

Cryon costume, comprising: one-piece bodysuit in net with pearlescent-effect panels, head/ neck pieces and belt in clear moulded plastic with pearlescent-effect, on mannequin, together with metal staff and additional headpieces, height 62 inches (158cm)
Estimate: £700 - 1,000
Sold for £600

Lot 106
Vengeance on Varos, January 1985 and Mindwarp, October 1986

A Sil costume, comprising; full length body suit and headpiece, of moulded and painted foam latex, length 46 inches (117cm)
Estimate: £275 - 325
Sold for £384

Lot 107
The Twin Dilemma, March 1984

Mestor - Leader of the Gastropod Invaders costume, of moulded and painted foam latex, with frayed hessian detailing and cotton ties to sides, the headpiece with plastic eyes, body heavily padded, on mannequin, height 69 inches (176cm)
Estimate: £500 - 700
Sold for £1,200

Lot 108
The Twin Dilemma, March 1984

A Jacondan headdress, of multi-coloured feathers, with silvered foam horns, on silver painted mannequin head, similarly decorated with feathers and beak-like nose, label inside inscribed 'Barry Stanton', height 15 inches (38cm)
Estimate: £120 - 180
Sold for £312

You can watch a BBC News report on the auction here:
There is also a selection of pictures from the auction here:

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